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Prana Homeopathy focuses in treating women and their families. We identify and treat the root of illnesses by providing individualized care tailored to meet each patient’s unique needs. Through close monitoring, we provide a high degree of support for our patients. We actively facilitate patients as they begin listening to their bodies.

Based in London, Ontario, Prana Homeopathy has distinguished itself in patient care since 2007 and treats patients from across North America.

Treating Patients Across North America

Based in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, our flexible patient care includes the ability to Skype with patients across Canada and the United States.

We Listen.
We Care.

It is a privilege to journey with our patients to improve their health. We truly care and are vested in patient success.

Healthcare for the new millennium: We Skype!

Our flexible patient care includes the ability to Skype with patients who do not drive, are homebound, out-of-town, travelling, or in the event of inclement weather

My goal is to get you well as quickly as possible because I want patients to enjoy a better quality of life.

Daniela Armenti
Owner and principal homeopath
Prana Homeopathy

Daniela Armenti, Hom, DSHM, BSc, BEd
Owner and principal homeopath

Daniela Armenti is a leading, fully accredited homeopath registered with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario. She has distinguished herself as a North American expert in classical homeopathy. In 2007, she graduated with her Honours in Homeopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine where she was also voted valedictorian of her graduating class. Her honours research focused on how to use the varying degrees of natural medicines, in particular the LM potency, used to rebalance symptoms quickly and gently.

Daniela has studied classical homeopathy with world renowned classical homeopaths Dr. Joseph Kellerstein and Dr. Andre Saine. Daniela currently mentors students studying the discipline at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. She has developed and presented seminars educating patients on a wide array of healthcare topics. In 2009, Daniela Armenti was invited to speak about homeopathy at a pharmaceutical symposium at St. Joseph Hospital in London, Ontario.

Daniela Armenti holds a Bachelor of Science and Education from Brock University, Canada. She has worked extensively for Agriculture Canada investigating methods of organic farming. She has also enjoyed sharing her passion for the sciences by teaching elementary and secondary students. As a licensed homeopath, she often incorporates art and play techniques to take a child or adolescent case. She relies upon her teaching techniques and strategies to address attention deficit disorders, learning disabilities and other child-focused concerns. Additionally, alongside homeopathic treatment, she often makes nutritional, supplement and dietary recommendations.

Dedicated to providing alternative healthcare choices through homeopathy, Daniela Armenti has resided in the London area for over 17 years with her husband and two children.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Homeopathy?

Established in the late 18th century by German physician Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathy focuses on treating the root causes of illnesses. It does this by improving health generally, rather than merely alleviating localized symptoms. It treats the whole individual, acting on the mental and emotional levels as well as the physical level, providing a balance in overall health and an increased sense of well-being and quality of life. Through the use of minimum dosages, homeopathy provides a safe, effective, scientific way to treat patients without side effects.

Can homeopathy help me?

Yes! We provide individualized care, tailored to meet each patient’s unique needs. Everyone manifests illness in a different way. As homeopaths, we do not treat diseases -we treat sick individuals- and no two patients with the same disease are ill in exactly same way. Homeopathy works on the principle of “like to cure like,” where remedies can cause symptoms in a healthy person, but can also remove similar symptoms in someone ill. For example, an onion can cause tearing and a runny nose. A homeopathic remedy derived from a red onion (Allium Cepa) can alleviate these symptoms in a person suffering from hay fever.

Which conditions can Prana Homeopathy work with me to help improve?

Homeopathy’s applications and treatments are endless. We frequently treat the following conditions:

Acute health

  • Migraines, back injuries, colds, flu, indigestion, burns, bee/insect bites, repetitive strain injuries, ear infections, respiratory tract infections

Chronic conditions

  • Asthma, chronic respiratory disease, allergies

Women’s Health

  • Painful, irregular periods, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, PMS, infertility, endometriosis, fibroids, pregnancy, birthing and nursing, infertility

Children’s Health

  • ADHD, bedwetting, ear infections, chickenpox, croup, asthma, growing pains, fear of the dark, allergies, homeoprophylaxis (homeopathic vaccine alternative program)

Mental/ Emotional Health

  • Depression, grief, panic attacks, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behaviour, fears and phobias

Physical Health

  • Fibromyalgia, arthritis, MS, chronic fatigue syndrome, broken bones, concussions, damaged ligaments/tendons, diabetes, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, seizures, aid the body to heal after surgery and dental work

Lifestyle Issues

  • Quitting smoking, alcoholism, weight loss, addictions
I’m seeing my GP and a specialist too. Will homeopathy interfere?

Homeopathic medicines can be used independently or along with conventional drugs and other therapies (with the full knowledge of your other healthcare providers). It can often alleviate unpleasant side effects of conventional treatments such as chemotherapy.

What are homeopathic remedies and how are they prepared?

Homeopathic medicines are highly diluted, non-toxic medicines that are made of therapeutically active micro-doses of mineral, botanical and biological substances that stimulate the body to self-heal. They are very minute doses of an active ingredient that is highly diluted. Unlike conventional medicines, homeopathic remedies are non-addictive, and do not have dangerous side effects. Homeopathic remedies are derived from natural substances such as plants and minerals. These remedies are produced in granule or liquid form in licenced laboratories. They are tasteless, odourless and taken orally.

How long does it take for homeopathy to help me?

Homeopathy is very effective for a wide range of acute and chronic illnesses. Homeopathic remedies usually result in immediate beneficial effects for acute illnesses such as colds, but chronic illnesses may require several visits to restore health.

What happens during my long initial consult appointment and follow-up?

An initial homeopathic consultation usually lasts 2-2.5 hours. A thorough understanding of your complaints and how you experience them is the basis of successful treatment. Although you may have a specific physical or emotional concern, we will assess your health in terms of a wide range of factors such as lifestyle, habits, stresses, and dietary preferences. All of these aid us in identifying a remedy to help restore health. In follow-up appointments, the homeopath meets with you to discuss the effects of the remedy. Homeopathic remedies often result in immediate beneficial effects while long term complaints may require several visits to restore a sense of complete well-being.

What is the difference between a Homeopath and a Naturopath?

A naturopath can be compared to a family physician whereas a homeopath is a specialist. When a patient visits a naturopath with a complaint they will support the body through herbal supplements and vitamins to target that particular complaint. The following month the patient may go back with another complaint and again the naturopath will again give a different set of supplements for this complaint. The cycle is continuous, and the root of the imbalance -why the patient is continuously ill- is never addressed. A homeopath is specialized in getting to the root of the imbalance in the body. If the root of the imbalance is eliminated naturally through homeopathy the body stops producing the symptoms and harmony, wellness and vitality return to the body once again.

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