As the cold season approaches many of us begin debating whether we should get the flu vaccination. We beginning thinking about all that we’ve heard or experienced about the vaccine. If we get the vaccination it protects us from the viral infection but many have experienced side effects. If we choose not to have the free injection and risk getting the flu we regret the four to five days off of work being ill in bed. Are there any other natural and safe alternatives???

Homeopathy can offer an alternative to the more traditional method of vaccination. For those who opt for the flu vaccine, homeopathy can even help prevent complications, and for those who have decided not to get vaccinated, it offers a natural solution without side effects.

The flu shot involves the direct injefluction of crude doses of the microbe directly into the bloodstream. This bypasses the body’s natural defence mechanisms. If an individual’s immune system is already compromised prior to the injection due to stress, fatigue, chronic illness and poor eating habits, this assault on the system can only further provide mild to severe side effects on the body.

The homeopathic flu remedy provides an oral dose of an infinitesimal amount of the virus. Since the viral agent is so diluted it’s less toxic and easier on the body. Once the remedy is taken, this signals the body’s natural defence mechanism which begins to produce anti-bodies that in turn will fight the actual flu virus. The remedy is tasteless, odourless and is taken easily by children as well as adults. The typical dosage is one homeopathic pellet taken under the tongue once per month during peak influenza months (November to March).

Homeopaths have used the medicine Influenzinum as a flu preventative for the last 150 years. It is prepared from flu viruses. Homeopathic pharmacietincturess prepare this medicine each year using the suspected flu virus strains identified by the World Health Organization for the year’s vaccination production.

Prevention whether it be homeopathic or through vaccination is not fool proof. If one does develop the flu a correct homeopathic medicine is easy to prescribe because the symptoms tend to be dramatic and striking. Homeopathic medicine uses minute amounts of substances that are similar to the symptoms of the disease you are trying to treat. Most flu seasons and epidemics fit a common homeopathic picture, so that the majority of people with the flu will benefit from the same epidemic medicine. Homeopaths in practice will easily discover this medicine in their community after treating a few cases of the flu.

Patients using homeopathy regularly throughout the year to treat their health concerns rarely need to take this preventative action since they have built up strong immune systems to fight infection in general. Whether homeopathy is your primary healthcare choice or you chose it to prevent the flu, it is the most effective and natural system to work with your body’s innate wisdom to heal itself.

Let us welcome the cold winds worry free with the natural and effective alternative in flu prevention, with homeopathy.